poly-l-lysine, poly-l-arginine ... ...

3D cell culture hydrogel

10 branched poly(Arg, epsilon-Lys)-hyaluronic acid hydrogel (for 3D cell culture)

Xenogenic-free, chemically defined, reproducible and   excellent cell-compatibility

Without crosslinker and organic solvent

Mimic the natural extracellular matrix(ECM).

Proper mechanical strength

Storage at room temperature

No need to pre-treat prior to using with cell suspension

To perform assays on isolated spheroids, dissolve PHA with iso-osmolar trisodium citrate.

Mesh size   50~200; 200~300μm

Other applications

Rectal drug delivery

Gastric floating drug delivery

Drugs delivery on the endometrium

Tissue regeneration

Diagnostic systems

Perioperative immunotherapy

Store in a dessicator dryer withanhydrous calcium chloride at RT.



                                               ICP No.11000739