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3D cell culture hydrogel

10 branched poly(Arg, epsilon-Lys)-hyaluronic acid hydrogel (for 3D cell culture)

Xenogenic-free, chemically defined, reproducible and   excellent cell-compatibility

Without crosslinker and organic solvent

Prevents MSCs senescence and augments MSCs growth

Enhances the functionality and stemness of MSCs

Mimics the natural extracellular matrix(ECM).

Proper mechanical strength

Storage at room temperature

No need to pre-treat prior to using with cell suspension

To perform assays on isolated spheroids, dissolve PHA with iso-osmolar trisodium citrate.

Mesh size   50~200; 200~300μm

Other applications

Rectal drug delivery

Gastric floating drug delivery

Drugs delivery on the endometrium

Tissue regeneration

Diagnostic systems

Perioperative immunotherapy

Store in a desiccator with anhydrous calcium chloride at RT.